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Why should you choose inversion?

Because we guarantee:

  • Compliance with best practices. We have nearly 15 years of experience, we translate only into our native language (French), we use advanced computer resources and we always implement detailed quality control procedures.
  • No subcontracting of any projects without informing you beforehand and only under certain circumstances, such as extremely large projects, languages outside our language combinations, and highly specialized fields.
  • An eye for detail. From putting commas in the right places to checking cross-references, we deliver translations that are ready for printing!
  • Deadlines that are consistently met. We have not missed a single deadline in the past 14 years. That counts for something, doesn't it?
  • Translations that sound natural and authentic. We regularly spend time abroad and take continuing professional development courses in technical subjects and style.
  • Total availability. Inversion is always open for business. If we are ever out of the office, we can be reached by email or telephone and we remotely track the progress of projects under way
  • Confidentiality of all your documents. From estimate to delivery and beyond, we are bound by an obligation of professional secrecy.