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At your service since 2002.

Our insatiable inquisitiveness is our strength. For a translator, being curious is not a sin. In fact, it's an essential quality! Our studies at the ESIT graduate school of interpretation and translation taught us everything we need to know about conducting research in any field.

Quality translations in five steps:
1 - 2

We receive your documents via email and provide you with an estimate (volume, turnaround time and specific requirements).


We begin translating your documents and email you any questions or comments in order to produce a translation that fully meets your expectations.

4 - 5

The translation is proofread by another qualified translator and the layout is customized.
Your translation is delivered on time, if not before!

Translation, editing, content writing

Highly technical translations with very tight deadlines are our favorite type of project, but we are just as comfortable working on short, simple documents. We use our expertise, our experience and specialized tools to produce quality translations.
If you are looking for more than just translation, we also provide custom content (re)writing, editing, and adaptation services.

English-to-French translations

As translators, we are ethically bound to translate only into our native language – French – to ensure perfectly fluid, idiomatic translations. For translations into English, Spanish and German, we collaborate with fellow translators who adhere to the same strict standards as we do.

Our area of expertise: medical translation

Throughout the years, we have become specialized in medical translation:

  • Training materials for pharmaceutical sales representatives.
  • Clinical trial protocols and informed consent forms.
  • Market research.
  • Medical-device package inserts.
  • In vitro diagnostics (IVD) kits.
  • Marketing brochures for medical professionals and the general public.
  • validation linguistique,
  • Linguistic validation.
  • Websites.

Other domains

  • Internal and external corporate communications (safety policies, human resources, agreements, financial reports, press releases, etc.).
  • Tourism, hospitality, food.
  • Opinion polls.
  • Technical documentation.
  • Brochures and websites aimed at the general public.